I found this post by Bradley Chambers via Daring Fireball.

Apple needs to do one of the following things (in my opinion):

Buy Everpix and integrate that functionality right into iOS and the Mac. I love Everpix as standalone company, but a lot of people aren't ever go to hear about them unless it was functionality built right in by default. Also, photo stream needs to be reversed. Apple should store ALL photos/video taken with your iPhone and just store the most recent 1000 (or 30 days) locally on the device.

Make iCloud free for the total size of all the active devices backing up to that account. If I have a 16GB iPhone and a 32GB iPad, I should have 48GB available on iCloud for backups. If a device doesn't "check in" every 90 days, then that amount is removed from your quota. This would also be another reason to buy higher storage devices.

Make iCloud storage a terabyte for all users for free. This is almost the same as number two, but giving you so much that you'll likely not run out for a decade or so. Yahoo did it for Flickr, why can't Apple?Bradley Chambers

I disagree with Bradley. Apple and Yahoo ( and Google ) are in different business. Yahoo and Google make money from selling advertising. The end-user is the product. Google and Yahoo can offer seemingly free services in exchange for collecting and analyzing use information. The continuous advertising revenue generated by the user offsets the cost of providing those services. Apple, however, sells an actual product. The end-user is the customer. I only buy a new Apple device once in a while but Apple would have to give me service for the lifetime of that product. I have no MBA or large business experience but I just don't see how Apple would recoup the costs or running these services?


I'm a big Google Services user but some of my friends and colleagues prefer Yahoo! I've written about how to integrate Google Services with my Mac, iPhone and iPad but I've remiss in writing anything about Yahoo! Enabling Yahoo! Services on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) is fairly straight forward.

#System Preferences#
The direct method for setting up Google services on OS X Lion is via the System Preferences. OS X Lion System Preferences has a new option called Mail, Contacts & Calendars under the Internet & Wireless section. Select it.

Screen Shot 2011 10 15 at 8 27 26 AM

#Mail, Contacts, and Calendars#

If you are an iPhone or iPad owner this next screen shot will seem very familiar to you. To setup a particular service, click the Add Account… button and select the icon for the service. In this case, we are setting up Yahoo! services so select Yahoo!.

Screen Shot 2011 10 15 at 8 20 32 AM

Once you select Yahoo! you will be prompted to add you Yahoo! username and password. The username should be you complete email address. After entering your credentials click Setup.

Screen Shot 2011 10 15 at 8 20 43 AM

Once your Mac has connected successfully to the Yahoo! servers you can select the services you want to sync to your Mac. Go ahead and select all of them including Yahoo! Chat.

Screen Shot 2011 10 15 at 8 21 15 AM

You should now be able to read your Yahoo! Mail via the Mac OS X Mail app, chat on Yahoo! via iChat, and your Address Book should start filling up with your Yahoo! contact. Launch iCal and you will see all your Yahoo! calendar details.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Both Yahoo and Google provide a method for importing and exporting email addresses to and from OS X AddressBook but I wanted an easier way to keep things synchronized. Fortunately, if you are running OS X 10.5 (Leopard), the AddressBook application provides a straight forward way to do so.

Google is special

Like most people I use a web based email service like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. And like most people I have been using one of these services for quite a long time and I have quite a large number of email addresses that I have saved in the contact list of each of those services, especially Gmail.



Gmail account info
Setup is quick and easy. Go into the Preferences for AddressBook. On the General tab you will see three check boxes for each of the following services: MobileMe, Exchange, Yahoo and Google. You can select all (or none) of these check boxes to enable syncing with each of those services. Google is my preferred service for email so tha's the service I setup. Once you select the checkbox, AddressBook will prompt you for your Gmail username and password. Enter that information and click OK to complete setup. If you have a large AddressBook it could take a while for the sync to complete.

Finish Up

Remote duplicatesYou may already have some contacts in AddressBook that are also in Yahoo or Google and you may find duplicates in your AddressBook once the sync is complete. These are easy to remove. From the AddressBook menu select Card->Look for duplicates. AddressBook will find and merge duplicates entries into just one entry. Any changes or additions to your AddressBook contacts will update your online Google or Yahoo contacts and vice versa.