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I'm Khürt Williams, an information security architect with a passion for photography and nature. Born under the sunny skies of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, I now call the suburban landscapes of Montgomery Township, NJ,, my home. My professional journey has led me through diverse roles, from research engineer to webmaster to cybersecurity specialist, across industry sectors as varied as pharmaceuticals, fintech, and government.

When not architecting security solutions, I use my iPhone 11 Pro, Fuji X mirrorless, or a vintage 35mm film camera to capture everything from serene landscapes to the vibrant pulse of city life. A blogger since 2000, my domain is a canvas for my musings on open-source software, Apple tech, and, of course, photography. My home is an oasis, filled with tropical aquariums and terrariums, a reflection of my Caribbean roots. Alongside my wife, Bhavna, I find solace in nature, craft ales, and the thrill of Formula 1 racing. Cameras, lenses, hobbies, or hikes, I explore how these interests interweave with family and work, sharing my journey on this blog.

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