Drink It or Drain It

A few comments on a blog post led to an idea that I want to put into action. I have decided to simplify my beer rating system to just two levels; Drink It or Drain It. If I liked the beer or finished the bottle, and could drink another, then the beer will get the Drink It rating. If I forced myself to drink the beer, if I literally poured it down the drain, if I just did not like it, the beer will get the “Drain It” rating.

Religious Freedom Acts are Code for Open Discrimination

Freedom Tower
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Image by Greg Shield

The face of religious persecution is a minority of the Christian community in the United States (conservative evangelicals) claiming authority over our faith and wielding it like a weapon against their brothers and sisters (and cousins) in faith. A group so unwilling to love, so unwilling to practice the Great Commandment, that they get the state to let them get away with breaking it.Drew Downs

I think these are attempts to gut the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

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Coming down from a high

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Sometimes there are negative consequence to not changing my infusion set on schedule. Last night my wife were up until 1AM while I battled hyperglycemia. My wife thought it was the snack that I ate after dinner. I was trending near 70 about two hours before dinner but my BG rose rapidly just 15 minutes after eating. And it continued to rise. I tested my BG and took a insulin bolts hoping to bring my BG under control. It continued to rise so I tested and hour later and added another bolus. But my BG continued to rise. Than around 11PM I remembered that I forgotten to change my infusion site. I had put in a new infusion set on Sunday and I was now fours days on the same set. I’m supposed to change it out every three days. I prepared the site, inserted a new infusion set and adjusted my basal dose to 120%. By 12AM on the Dexcom receiver had turned from slightly up to sideways. An improvement. By 12:30 it had started pointing down. I waited until 1AM when my BG hit 150 before putting the basal back to normal and going to bed. Lesson learned.