Montgomery Township, New Jersey

Khürt Williams

Hello, I’m an information security professional, web developer, an avid photographer, and technology geek. I’m also a craft ale and coffee fanatic based out of Montgomery Township, New Jersey. This weblog is where I share my incoherent and random thoughts and rants about technology and photography geekery, coffee, craft ale, diabetes, and life.

My interest lies in capturing images of landscapes at golden hour. I enjoy roaming around the mountains, forest and streams wherever I go, and spend time learning and understanding my subjects. Also, as is apparent from my blog, I do have a soft spot for waterfalls!

I use this website (which I started in 2005) as my central hub for online presence and communication. I try to follow the principles of the IndieWeb movement by publishing on my own site and owning all of my own data. When I participate in social networks, I post here first and syndicate duplicates out to them. These posts either originate from here or my social stream.