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Hello, I’m an information security professional, web developer, an avid photographer, and technology geek. I’m also a craft ale and coffee fanatic. This weblog is where I share my incoherent and random thoughts and rants about technology and photography geekery, coffee, craft ale, diabetes, and life.

And borrowing almost verbatim from Chris Aldrich:

I use this website as my primary hub for online presence and communication. I try to follow the principles of the IndieWeb movement by publishing on my own site and owning all of my own data. When I participate in social silos (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), I post here first and syndicate duplicates out to them (POSSE). These posts either originate from here or my social stream. You’re welcome to subscribe to or consume them in any manner or on any platform you prefer.


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Putting my best foot forward

Putting your best foot forward, even mother nature has makeup by Dan Jurak's (Dan Jurak's Alberta Landscape Photo Blog)
When taking photos, my eyes are always scanning the horizon, framing and composing in my mind. If something clicks, I stop on the side of the road and often have a half dozen DIFFERENT photos within the space of a few minutes. Would my photos be any better if I took longer and deliberately thought out and planned purposefully what I was doing? I will probably never know because while planning for one shot another three pop into my head and just as quickly they disappear.
Best Food Forward



Image CC0 via Unsplash

Bringing Out the Worst In Us

How technology is designed to bring out the worst in us by Ezra Klein (Vox)
Tristan Harris:

Outrage just spreads faster than something that’s not outrage.

When you open up the blue Facebook icon, you’re activating the AI, which tries to figure out the perfect thing it can show you that’ll engage you. It doesn’t have any intelligence, except figuring out what gets the most clicks. The outrage stuff gets the most clicks, so it puts that at the top.

Then it learns there’s this magic keyword where if any article had this keyword and you put it at the top of the feed, it would always get a click or a share. And that keyword was “Trump.” If you’re just a naive computer, you put this keyword in front of people and they always click it. It’s reinforcing that this is the thing that should go to the top of the feed.

I look at technology through the lens of persuasion and how it persuades the human animal. What does seeing a repeated set of things that make you outraged do to you? You can feel it when it happens. I think of it as civilization mind control. It’s not that there’s someone who’s deliberately trying to make us all outraged. It’s that 2 billion people, from the moment they wake up in the morning, are basically jacked into an environment, where if you’re a teenager, the first thing you see are photo after photo of your friends having fun without you. That does something to all those human animals. If the first thing you do when your eyes open is see Twitter and there’s a bunch of stuff to be outraged about, that’s going to do something to you on an animal level.

I think what we have to reckon with is how is this affecting us on a deeper level.

This is one of the reasons why I no longer “surf” Facebook and twitter. I've defaulted to the old ways of the web. Back to a reading from a controlled list of bloggers and news sites. I have a list of photography, lifestyle, and security bloggers and web sites in my RSS reader. I recently…