At the end of 2018, I had surgery to remove my thyroid as a final resolution to Graves Disease. The symptoms from Graves Disease are all gone but I will forever on Synthroid thyroid medication.

The Graves Eyes Disease (GED) has however worsened. I am seeing some of the best ocular specialists at Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia. To reduce the swelling and pressure in my eyes, we have started a treatment of high dose steroids and twelve days of radiation treatment at the Bodine Center For Radiation Therapy. The doctors are concerned that pressure could crush the optic nerves and lead to blindness. We will re-evaluate once this course of treatments is complete. This disease has been a new challenge for me since last year when I was dealing with Graves Disease. I have limited my drive time, and I’m commuting to Iselin for work, using the New Jersey Transit North East Corridor line between Princeton Junction and Metro Park. Bhavna has been helping out by doing all the driving to Philadelphia for my appointments.


Kiran has been accepted into Drew University with a full four-year academic scholarship, the Baldwin Honors Scholarship, through Drew’s Baldwin Honours Program. She will also have access to fatality and academic programs not available to other students. She also qualified for the Francis Asbury Scholarship: Annual Scholarship. We are so very proud of her accomplishment.

Kiran has been accepted into the Classics program at Oberlin College, one of her first choice schools. She has also been awarded a four-year academic scholarship. Oberlin College is in Oberlin, Ohio. Kiran is super excited, and we are very proud of her accomplishments.

My father passed away around 5 AM EST on Sunday 7th April 2019. Because I have started the course of treatment for swelling caused by Graves Eye Disease, I was not able to attend Dad’s funeral in St. Vincent. I choose to write a parting post to my Dad that I hope to honour his memory.


I no longer consult as a security architect for the New Jersey Courts. My work on the architecture for the credit card processing systems to meet PCI DSS requirements is complete. I joined the information security team at CLS Bank as an information security architect in June 2018. I work out of their Wall Street office near Pier 11, and Metro Park (Iselin) office a few days a week with two days working remotely.

It’s an open-plan office with zero quiet rooms. The kind that Harvard business studies and psychologist think are a terrible idea.


Bhavna and I took one item off our bucket list last year. We booked a hot air balloon ride over Letchworth, and we spent a weekend at Seneca Lake, hiking along the trails lining some beautiful waterfalls; we had so much fun on that trip. Our only regret is that we did not do these types of excursions with our kids when they were younger.

For 2019, we are planning a few more trips to visit family in Florida and North Carolina.

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