In case you've been away from the blog for a while, here are the significant events of the last five years.


I completed radiation treatment and the last of several eye surgeries to restore my vision.


I passed the CCSP exam, and next up will be AWS certification.


I bought a new Mac, a Mac Studio, and a Studio display.

I started using a tandem t:slim insulin pump. I am back to using a Dexcom CGMS. The Dexcom integrates with the t:slim to create a closed-loop system.

I am still working on that AWS certification.


I am still working on the AWS certification.

Started work on a WordPress plugin for the Untappd API. I want to use IndieWeb PESOS to create a post on my blog whenever I check in to a beer. I'll hopefully learn two things; how to write WordPress plugins and how to code against a restful API.

Figuring out if what I'm doing is really what I want to do.

Trying not to get too depressed with life.