Drew University Physics Softball

I am reminiscing about days that “have long gone by”. I downloaded these from the Society of Physics Students website.
When I attended Drew University in the 1980s working on my Bachelor of Art in Physics, the Physics department had an annual softball picnic for faculty and students majoring in physics. I attended my first picnic in my sophomore year. It was also the first time I had ever played baseball,l, and although baseball isn’t a sport I enjoy, I did have fun figuring out how to hit the ball. Coming from the British Caribbean, I grew up playing cricket, a sport that is also played with a bat, but is dissimilar to baseball. Nothing alike.
I don’t know the names of all the people in the photographs. Some were seniors and sophomores. Some became good but not close friends. Bhavna and I met at Drew, and our 30-year (C’90) college reunion is June 2020. Hopefully, I can reconnect with some of these Physics majors.

Drew University Physics Softball Circa 1988
Drew University Physics Softball Circa 1988

Odd Webmention Behaviour

I see a bit of odd behaviour with Webmentions, Semantic Linkbacks and WordPress comments. There are five responses in this thread which started with a post from my blog that that was syndicated to micro.blog. Three of the responses show up under the original blog post. However, two show up under my Webmentions collection page.
I am not using the WordPress Webmention for Comments plugin.
It also seems that it’s no longer possible to change the Webmention type via Semantic Linkbacks. Update:
It’s not odd behaviour after all.

Added limited support for accepting replies from external sites that do not have a Micro.blog account. Previously, Micro.blog would discard replies that could not be associated with an existing user. Now, these replies will be included in a thread using the domain name for the author. (Brid.gy replies from Twitter are not supported yet.) Manton Reece