An Enduring Thing by Hudson Valley Brewery (Untappd)

Sour DIPA w/ raw wheat, malted oat, milk sugar, blueberry purée, coconut cream, vanilla & coconut flakes; hopped w/ Galaxy. Collaboration w/ The Well Brooklyn.

Speaking of enduring things. Bhavna, and I have been married for almost 24 years and known each other for over 31 years. Thank you for this ale, Angel C.

A convicted German murderer won the right to have all mention of his crime scrubbed from internet search results under 'right to be forgotten' laws (Business Insider)

A convicted murdered in Germany has the right to get all mention of his crime deleted from internet search results under the EU's "right to be forgotten" provision, Germany's highest court has ruled.

The man was sentenced to life in jail in 1982 for murdering two people in 1981, and has tried to get three Der Spiegel news articles naming him as a murderer to be removed from search results since 2009.

A constitutional court in Karlsruhe ruled on November 6 that he has that right, overruling the German federal court which threw out his case in 2012.


The Unnoticed Silo by Chris M.Chris M. (mrkapowski)

My employer has started blocking recently, breaking my ability to access my passwords and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) details using the browser extension. I can still get these details on my phone, but typing a completely random 22-character password by hand is far from ideal, and a bit of a pain in the rump, to be honest. This isn’t their most egregious “security theatre” policy, but it is one of the most impactful (to me).

If the blocking of the 1Password browser extension is technical enforcement of a written corporate policy, then the “problem” is the written corporate policy. Even if the 1Password browser extension were allowed you would violate that policy the minute you used it in a way that was not approved.

I think Ton Zijlstra stated is correct, “..the actual silo you’re trying to escape is the company”.