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Pine Warbler

I spent three hours in the Pinelands with Ray Hennessey hoping to get a photograph of the pine warbler. We could see the birds flying back and forth between the trees that lined the swampy area that Ray had scouted. We waited patiently, but the pine warbler kept out of view the camera. The light…

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Prothonotary Warbler

Last weekend I joined photographer Ray Hennessey for a field trip to one of his birding spots in Woodbine in the pine barrens of New Jersey. While we had some challenges photographing the elusive pine warbler, we had no problems photographing this Prothonotary Warbler. The bird kept performing for us, stopping on sticks that poked…

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White-Eyed Vireo, Bird, Branch

White-Eyed Vireo

I discovered this photograph of the White-Eyed Vireo in the set I took a few weeks ago while on a photography field trip with Ray Hennessey. This morning, via an email exchange, Ray helped me identify this bird. According to the Audubon Society website, the White-Eyed Vireo is: A busy bird of the thickets, most…

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Blue-winged Warbler

I took hundreds of photographs of this bird during the field trip with Ray. I love the bright yellow features and blue-grey feathers. I was even blessed with a warbling performance. You can learn more about Ray Hennessy's work and signup for his workshops on his website. You can learn more about the Blue-winged Warbler…

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