Isolation Photo Project, Day 112

I have used a Medtronic 670G hybrid closed-looped insulin pump since March 2018. My initial experiences with the "fast-tracked-by-the-FDA" device were not pleasant but improved after Medtronic updated the G3 CGM sensor and predictive blood glucose algorithm. The updated system was more reliable, and most patients on the hybrid closed-loop system showed improved outcomes over…

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birds, pinelands, Warblers, Wood Warblers, Pine Warbler, Woodbine, New Jersey

Pine Warbler

I spent three hours in the Pinelands with Ray Hennessey hoping to get a photograph of the pine warbler. We could see the birds flying back and forth between the trees that lined the swampy area that Ray had scouted. We waited patiently, but the pine warbler kept out of view the camera. The light…

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