Rockhopper Trail

Bhavna and I ventured out to another trail in Lambertville we have not visited before. This one was a bit odd in that the trailhead starts on private property. We passed an old barn and some cars. It was a bit strange. It had rained the entire week and the trail was more than just…

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Isolation Photo Project, Day 10

Last week I ventured into the woods near the Sourland Mountains in search of wildflowers, more specifically hepatica. I didn't find any. The rains on Monday and Tuesday kept me close to home and out of the woods but today I returned to look. I chose a trail, the Rockhopper Trail in Lambertville, where another…

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7 Things People With High-Functioning Anxiety Need Everyone to Understand by ROSEMARY DONAHUE (Allure)

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses in the U.S. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that some 40 million U.S. adults deal with anxiety disorders every year — but that only about 37 percent of those suffering receive treatment. Part of the problem is that there is still lots of stigma around talking about and seeking help for mental health problems.
Here's what not to do when we confide in you.

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