Is wireless charging worth it?

[exif id="19961"] I still don't understand the current fascination with wireless charging. It was clear to me that unless wireless charging could meet or exceed the rate of wired charging, that it was more of a gimmick than a feature. It takes longer to charge the device; significantly longer. Just a short drive, 30-minutes, using…

Device encryption “Do as I say, not as I do”

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Trump’s Android phone has been repealed and replaced (BGR)
Just over one year ago, president Don Trump called upon all Americans to boycott Apple until the company agreed to help investigators unlock an iPhone tied to the tragedy in San Bernardino.
[exif id="21122"] Apparently, POTUS has changed his mind. Trump’s director of social media and senior advisor Dan Scavino Jr. in a tweet in March of 2017. [tweet width=1200 align=center] I guess only elected officials are allowed to have the full rights afforded by the United State constitution. Why am I bringing this up? Because…

Do you use an iPhone case?

iPhone X
I Can't Do iPhone Cases by Daniel Miessler (Daniel Miessler)
I really, really tried to keep a case on my iPhone X. Just like the other 9 I’ve tried it with, I lasted 2 days. I just can’t do it. It’s like going to a fine restaurant and putting Vicks under your nose while you eat. What’s the point?
Up until the iPhone 6 I didn't use a case on my iPhone. The back of the iPhone 6 and 7 is too slippery and I have dropped and broken my iPhone 6 screen and I am concerned about dropping my iPhone 7.

iPhone Camera Bag

[exif id="19178"] Capture I discovered the ProCam app earlier this year. I had seen it reviewed and praised on some websites and decided to give a try. Within a few months, I realised the reviews were not hyperbole. The ProCam is one of the handiest iOS camera apps I have ever used. The ProCam 3…


iPhone, iMac, Grado, SR60 I just finished reading John Gruber's Courage piece article where he makes the argument for Phil Schiller’s use of the word Courage during this week's iPhone 7 reveal. I couldn’t disagree more with my aforementioned friends. You can argue that Jobs said it better. I think he did, too — particularly because Jobs emphasized the…