The Joy of Crafting Imagery by Olafphoto
In order to sell products and workshops, etc. photography is presented by many as something easy, trivial and commitment-free. In other words, anything goes! Unfortunately, this drug-of-the-moment doesn’t last long. With such a laissez-faire attitude many photographers tell me in private that they eventually crash as they lack direction and confidence. The chorus of “have fun” and “it is great” becomes both a distraction and an annoyance. You can ride on the wave of “fun” for only so long when the final results are lacking.
I agree with Olaf.
The Curse of Good by Otto von Münchow (In Flow with Otto)
When I teach photography, I am often asked for tricks that can make a student’s photographs better. The truth is, there aren’t any easy tricks that will quickly result in great photography. The curse of today’s technology is that it is fairly quickly to get good at it. That is literally the problem. It’s like inheriting money before you have learned the value of hard work.
Am I good enough?