Sunday Morning Reading

Jeff Ventura writes about Apple's role in Microsoft's downfall. The agent is OS-X. CrunchGear reports that Comcast thinks it's best customers should get off its network. Apparently broadband networks are not to be used to watch videos or download software. Web Worker Daily wants to now what What Chores Do You Outsource? I briefly outsourced…

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Get Google Talk, iChat, MSN, Yahoo and AOL all talking

Kiran, Terhune Orchards, Lawrenceville | Monday 2 January, 2006 | Sunplus Spca533

Update: This setup no longer works. Microsoft, Google et al. have abandoned these platforms. Read about the deprecated APIs on the Adium help page. I think most people have unfortunately moved to Twitter and other social media platforms. Like most technology people I know, I have multiple Instant Messenger (IM) accounts because not all the…

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