What the ... ?!

When will people learn not to trust this company. Microsoft spent miilions convincing consumers and media devices manufacturers to invest in its technology and then leaves its "customers" holding the bag. The funny things is their technology is called "Play for Sure". Yeah, right!

In other news, concerns over Vista are so "minor" that the US News and World Report had to write about it.

Imagine the training budget for a company like with tens of thousands of employes that must be trained, hundreds of in-house custom apps that must be tested and or rebuilt ( some software consulting firm will be swimming in the dough ), and hundreds of business applications that just do NOT run ( image how costly it will be to upgrade or replace Windows based manufactuing systems ) on Vista. My employers migration plans do not even start until 2010, which is when we expect that all of the current set of PCs would have replaced by "Vista ready" machines.

And the business productivity benefit is suspect.

Oh, and just to make sure we all feel the urgent need to move to Vista, Bill Gates has already started talking about Windows 7 which he expects Microsoft to release "sometime in the next year or so". That's just around the time I expect most people will have "Vista ready" computers. What the ....?!

Any idea on what your employers plans are for Vista? I say "Hasta la vista, Vista!"

Sunday Paper

  • Jeff Ventura writes about Apple's role in Microsoft's downfall. The agent is OS-X.
  • CrunchGear reports that Comcast thinks its best customers should get off its network. Broadband networks are not to be used to watch videos or download software.
  • Web Worker Daily wants to know what chores you outsource? I briefly outsourced housecleaning before my wife took personal offence.
  • And the Linux and Open Source Blog reports that GAIM makes nice with AOL and gets a new name. On my MacBook, I use AdiumX, which uses the GAIM libraries.

Homing software

It seems more and more software vendors are implanting "spyware" code in their software. Microsoft does it with Windows Genuine Advantage and now Apple has joined the list; first with the iTunes ministore and now with the widget updater.

Macworld: News: Mac OS X "phones home" with 10.4.7 update

Mac users got a taste of what its like to run Microsoft Windows as it came to light this week that the recently released update, Mac OS X 10.4.7, "phones home" to Apple servers periodically. Referred to as the Dashboard Advisory by Apple, the new feature ensures customer's widgets are up to date -- Apple said there is no transmission of personal information.