Tag: Microsoft & Windows

What the ... ?!

When will people learn not to trust this company. Microsoft spent miilions convincing consumers and media devices manufacturers to invest in its technology and then leaves its "customers" holding the bag. The funny things is their technology is called "Play for Sure". Yeah, right! In other news, concerns over Vista are so "minor" that the…

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Sunday Morning Reading

Jeff Ventura writes about Apple's role in Microsoft's downfall. The agent is OS-X. CrunchGear reports that Comcast thinks it's best customers should get off its network. Apparently broadband networks are not to be used to watch videos or download software. Web Worker Daily wants to now what What Chores Do You Outsource? I briefly outsourced…

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Homing software

It seems more and more software vendors are implanting "spyware" code in their software. Microsoft does it with Windows Genuine Advantage and now Apple has joined the list; first with the iTunes ministore and now with the widget updater. Macworld: News: Mac OS X "phones home" with 10.4.7 update Mac users got a taste of…

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