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The New York times and leaders within the democratic party agree that facial recognition technology is dangerous to civil liberties and must be banned. The essential and unavoidable risks of deploying these tools are becoming apparent. A majority of Americans have functionally been put in a perpetual police lineup simply for getting a driver’s license: Their D.M.V. images are turned into faceprints for government tracking with few limits. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are using facial recognition technology to scan…

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Untappd Inventory List

I was exploring a recent update to Untappd list and discovered some features of list that are quite useful. I created a new list called inventory and I'm able to add information such as quantity, serving style, purchase date, purchase location and price etc. I've just started using it today to keep track of what I have in my beer cellar. It will help prevent duplicate purchases and assist in beer trading.…

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