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How to setup Mail, Contacts and Calendar on OS X Lion to use an Exchange 2007 account

With each iteration of the OS since Leopard, Apple has made it easier to integrate Exchange Messaging Services with OS X native productivity applications — Mail, iCal and Address Book. Apple's latest Mac operating system, OS X 10.7 Lion, has been out for some time and Apple has made significant changes to some of the native apps including Mail and iCal that make setup and use of Google services even easier. Last year I wrote about how to do this…

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Sunday Morning Reading

Jeff Ventura writes about Apple's role in Microsoft's downfall. The agent is OS-X. CrunchGear reports that Comcast thinks it's best customers should get off its network. Apparently broadband networks are not to be used to watch videos or download software. Web Worker Daily wants to now what What Chores Do You Outsource? I briefly outsourced housecleaning before my wife took personal offense. And the Linux and Open Source Blog reports that GAIM makes nice with AOL and gets a new…

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