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Saturday Links — Agreement, MacDown, Social Media, Mastery, Job Interview, Being Boring

saturday, man, reading, paper Every Saturday, I share a list of inspiring or interesting articles that I read during the week. Here’s what I read this week.

Sunday Reading

I'm not reading many books. I haven't for many years. I read a lot of long form articles. Most of the articles are about "how to do something". I have The Hacker Playbook 2 sitting here but I haven't the notification to read it. Quite frankly, being in learning mode all the time is exhausting.…

Apple Watch: Do You Need One?

Crew, Unsplash, Apple, Watch, Blue, Time It needs to justify its existence no more than any other watch — mechanical or electronic — ever made. Of course you don’t need it. No one, not one person on the face of the earth, needs any $400 watch, Apple Watch or otherwise. The right question is simply “Do you want one?”Daring Fireball: Watch,…