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Sometimes the steps required to do something become part of the experience; making tea or playing a record on your turntable instead of on your iPhone. The steps add to the satisfaction, make the event more of a personal experience than just doing. This can make a simple task personally therapeutic or cathartic — often allowing a simple task to remedy the stresses of the day.
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My family often chides me -- calling me a snob -- for the way I obsess over how I make my coffee. I've never had a good way to explain the feeling I get from the four or five minutes I spend making coffee. Grinding the beans. Measuring and boiling the water in my kettle. Waiting for just the right temperature to pour the water and brew the coffee.

Yes, it takes more time than popping a pod into a machine. But I get to enjoy a few minutes of "in the moment" nothingness. It's worth it.

Weyerbacher White Sun Wit

This is my first time using the suspended or floating object technique. I spent about 30 minutes online researching how to do it in Photoshop. Most of the information I found online was too difficult to understand. Photographer Evan Sharboneau of Photo Extremist created this easy to follow YouTube video that explained it all.

I spent another 30 minutes testing out my technique using an empty beer bottle before attempting to photograph my main subject. I think the results are good for my first try. With practice, I think I'll get better at the floating object technique