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Retrain Your Audience

The Only Way to Beat Algorithms is to Retrain Your Audience by Y. Kiri YuY. Kiri Yu (KIRISKA.com)

The problem is that social media networks are centralised platforms that aim to monopolise their users’ attention and time. Their bottom line is in advertisement dollars, and the longer users are on the site, the more opportunity there is for ads (and data mining). It’s therefore in the platform’s best interest to show what is most likely to entrap their attention — and if the platform judges that you don’t make the cut, too bad. The problem is neither the artist nor their audience has any control over the platform. They can complain all day every day, and they do, but the platform gods aren’t beholden to their requests. The users aren’t the customers; they’re the products.

I think @nitinkhanna would enjoy reading this.

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