Sunday in Montgomery Veterans Park with Godelieve Babey

Last Sunday I "exercised" my way through Montgomery Park. Godelieve Babey, a local personal fitness trainer, led a group of local residents on a fun fitness romp through the walking trails of the Montgomery Park Arboretum. Godelieve led us through a series of warm-up exercises before leading up down the path to fitness. Bhavana and Shaan were with me as well as my good friend Prasanna. Prasanna had brought his camera hoping to find something interesting in the arboretum. My camera was focused on capturing the event as part of my volunteer efforts to help Montgomery Friends of Open Space with social media. Bhavana had fun but Shaan looked exhausted after just twenty minutes.

Godelieve Babey possesses over 12 years in the exercise industry providing personal training and fitness services to those who prefer to exercise in a non-gym environment. Godelieve is well versed in training clients to get them moving especially to survive the physical and sedentary demands of one’s daily routine.

The workout was not intense but I did feel it in my thighs and calves. Godelieve showed us how to get exercise doing the Monster Walk while combining arm movements designed to increase our range of motion. Godelieve core belief is that you can be fit and exercise anywhere.

Godelieve Babey
Godelieve Babey

Doing the "Monster Walk"

Sunday in the Park with Sarah Roberts

A few weeks ago I went for a walk with a group of residents and Sarah Roberts from the Native Plant Society of New Jersey. The walk was one in series of nature walks called First Sunday in the Park, organised by the Montgomery Friends of Open Space. The walks are a fun way to explore the nature trails and natural beauty of Montgomery Township.

On this particular walk, I discovered that Montgomery has an Arboretum of Native Flora near the Galick Tract in Montgomery Park. I've lived in Montgomery for twelve years, and this was the first time I knew about this.

We strolled along the paved pathways as Sarah taught about the native trees that had been planted to restore the area. Some trees were native to New Jersey, and others are native to the United States. The park has many bridges and benches where one can sit and enjoy the quiet of nature and catch a few rays of sunlight. I'm having a great time discovering the local nature trails in Montgomery.
I look forward to the next Sunday in the Park event.








Sarah Roberts
Sarah Roberts