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Spring Colour

Landscape, nature and wildlife photography are pursuits that share many things in common. The photographer is up early, spends a lot of time standing still, and must be patient. Success or failure depends on the whims of the weather and nature. The birds only migrate, and mate and certain flowers and plants only bloom within…

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Isolation Photo Project, Day 37

I’m borrowing some words from Patrick LaRoque. When New Jersey’s government official invoked shelter-in-place executive orders and shuttered most businesses in the state, and later closed state and county parks and nature trails, I fully expected a psychological impact to the pandemic. Few of my “friends” on Facebook didn’t accept the possibility: They felt it…

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My township, Montgomery Township, is mostly farmland and woodland and streams and hiking trails. It’s rural, with narrow country roads without sidewalks, lots of ditches and foxes and wild turkey in the backyard, and it’s not unusual to see a farm tractor on the one-lane roadway. However, because of our proximity to New York City…

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