I am currently reviewing my Adobe Lightroom catalogue to share images that have not been previously posted, perhaps seeing them with older eyes. These photographs were taken in February 2012, approximately twelve years ago. We had a lot of snow storms that year. A cursory review of my Adobe Lightroom catalogue reveals that, despite the cold weather that winter, I spent a considerable amount of time outdoors.

The images depict scenes at Selody Farm in Montgomery Township during the winter. The farm is covered in a blanket of snow, with a solitary willow tree as the focal point of the first photograph, its branches bending under the weight of the falling snow.

Selody Sod Farm, Skillman
Selody Sod Farm · 11 February 2012 · Nikon D40 · AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

Adjacent to the willow tree stands an ageing barn, its weathered wooden exterior bearing witness to past winters. The barn's roof is covered with a thick layer of snow, undisturbed by the usual daily farm activities.

The entire landscape is dominated by shades of white and grey, seamlessly merging the sky with the land.

Selody Sod Farm, Skillman
Selody Sod Farm · 11 February 2012 · Nikon D40 · AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

A frost-covered fence post, capped with snow, frames the barn. The tranquil haze of a snowy day envelops the scenery, conveying a profound sense of stillness in winter's icy grip. The scene exudes isolation as if the farm is suspended in time. I left, anticipating the warmth that would follow my return home.

Shaan needed a lift to the Winter Farmer's Market organised by the Montgomery Friends of Open Space (MFOS) at Village Shopper strip mall. As the associate manager, Shaan was responsible for setting up the MFOS tent by 8 AM and assisting vendors in preparing for the market. My initial plan was a photography trip to Sandy Hook with my Nikon N2020, hoping to capture the lonely stillness of Gateway National Recreation Area. However, after dropping Shaan off, my enthusiasm faded, partly due to the gloomy, overcast weather.

I shifted my focus to Zion Crossing Park, near the Skillman and Hillsborough border, just off Hollow Road. The park, with its quaint waterfall, seemed an appropriate subject for my Nikon N2020. While absorbed in this spur-of-the-moment photo session, I remembered the Spectre app for iOS devices to simplify long-exposure photography. This app is good at capturing light trails and silky water effects, perfect for the setting. However, I met a hiccup – I had forgotten my Glif tripod attachment for my iPhone 11 Pro.

After a moment of consideration, I improvised. I found a small stone, just the right size to wedge between the Arca Swiss bracket and my iPhone. This makeshift setup allowed me to experiment with various shutter speeds, with four seconds producing the best results.

The winter scene was somewhat bland, but that's expected for this time of year. This is a scheduled post, so you might be reading this in January, months after I wrote this post.

Zion Crossing Park is one of my favourite places in Montgomery Township. I visit several times yearly, especially in the Spring and Fall. During the global pandemic, Zion Crossing Park became a refuge. Here, I connected with the natural world and escaped the complexities of daily life. It became a place to de-stress and forget my worries.

After photographing the area around the lake at Billie Johnson Mountain Lakes Nature Preserver, I went home, making a mental note to visit Zion Crossing Park. I watched the Formula 1 United States Sprint Race, and then, still tired from the disappointing early morning trip to Cape Mae the day before, I fell asleep. I woke up at 3 PM, just before the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix started. The race ended around 5 PM, and I rushed to Zion Crossing Park. I was concerned that I would not have enough light to create the photograph I had in my head.

I had expected crimson and golden leaves to carpet the ground, creating a vibrant mosaic. However, most of the leaves had washed away down the Rock Brook. The usually gushing waterfall was diminished.

I enjoyed the smell of the crisp autumn air as it filled my lungs. At the pond's edge, I focused on the scene, the vivid colours of the foliage contrasting beautifully with the mostly cloud-free sky reflected in the pond. The gentle rustling of leaves and the flowing water created a soothing symphony, providing a sense of serenity.

I used a Hoya PROND1000 filter for a long exposure capture. Once in Adobe Lightroom, I applied some adjustments to bring out the colours of the leaves. I also did some editing in Luminar Neo.

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