I don’t think this would provide any benefit to me. I have Type 1 diabetes. It’s a chronic progressive illness. Food and insulin are one of the over two-dozen variables that affect blood glucose control. The majority of these variables not under my control. Insulin dosing is an art. Even if I eat the same thing for every meal, I will get a different blood glucose reading throughout the day, and it would also be different each day.

Given that the Apple Watch is not a medical device capable of accurately measuring blood glucose and operating an insulin pump, wearing.

Member Post for 3/4/19 (The Brooks Review)
What if the only way to lower your health premium to an affordable rate was to allow your health insurer access to your Apple Watch data?

Over the last few months, my thyroid had put my body through a Gina yo-yo. My body responded well to the methimazole. A little too well. I went hypothyroid again.

Even though my dosage was half what it was when I went through this the last time, even this new lower dose was too much. But we caught it early. I knew what the symptoms were and called the doctor. She ordered some blood tests which confirm what I was feeling.

She prescibed some new medication to help me recover from but … it went too far. I was not back having hyperthyroidism. I was to stop that medication and just take the methimazole.

This morning I woke up and my eyes were swollen, the lymph nodes in my next and swollen and I generally feel terrible.

THe doctors warned that surgery might be my only option.

How are you feeling? The socially exceptable response is “Ok”. Even when I’m not “Ok”. Because with two chorionic progressive autoimmune diseases, I am by definition, always sick. Unless of course … no one really cares about the answer. Or I redefine normal to the state of being one is in when living with two chronic progressive diseases. So maybe today, I’m just “Ok”.

I’m having another wonderful day with the effects of Graves Disease. This morning, I woke up feeling bloated. When I look in the mirror, I see pregnant man. I don’t remember when I went to bed last night — sometime after the end of Fear the Walking Dead. I woke up around 5AM and could not get back to sleep. I woke up feeling anxious.

I tried the meditation app this morning but it did not help with symptoms and only alleviated my anxiety for a few minutes. I guess three minutes is better than none.

I drank 887ml of water this morning. I drank about 1892mL per day over the weekend. It seemed to help with symptoms especially with my eyes. However, this morning I feel pressure behind my eyes; again. To my co-workers I must look like shit.

My endocronologist says the disease waxes and wanes but it seems to be “waxing” right now.