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Blue Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

[recipe title="Blue Breakfast Smoothie " servings="1" time="30mins" difficulty="easy" description="Blue Breakfast Smoothie Recipe" image=""] [recipe-notes] My wife's boss shared the recipe for the breakfast smoothie she drinks every day. [/recipe-notes] [recipe-ingredients] - A handful of raw cashew nuts - 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds - 1 banana - 1 14 cups frozen blueberries - 1…

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Blue smoothie

I want to improve my health given that my cholesterol is high (255) and I have type diabetes. I've stepped up my exercise (pun intended) and make some adjustments in my diet. No cheese or meats for me for a while. Today, my wife made me a smoothie dinner consisting of some spinach, a lot…

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