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How to Make Overnight Oatmeal in a Mason Jar

I love the Chobani Mighty Oat line of breakfast yogurts. I find them nutritious and delicious and very easy to eat. I started to eat them every day. Ironically, it was while searching for alternatives to Chobani Oats that I stumbled upon “overnight oatmeal”[^1]. On that website, I found a recipe Chobani oatmeal that led me to do some research on making my yoghurt oatmeal. I used Google search terms “yoghurt oats” and got a page full of search results…

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First Cup - Verve La Colmena

Mug, Coffee

Producer // Arturo Paz Country // Honduras Region // Las Flores, Santa Barbara Cultivar // Red Catuai Process // Wet-Process Elevation // 1,800 Meters Tasting Notes // Wildflower Honey, Apple, Spicy Cup Characteristics: Aromatically complex with notes of floral and sage, La Colmena is filled with sweet honey and decadent apple traits. The finish stays sugared and refreshing with mild Tropical fruit flavors. Verve This is what I'm drinking now. Delicious.…

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Mud Blend

One of the things I hate about winter is the lack of fruit. During the spring and the summer the grocery stores and farmers markets are filled with all sorts of fruit. I love being able to make my morning fruit blends with a combination of berries and tropical fruits. In the winter time my options are very limited by whatever can be imported. Currently I am using frozen fruit packs. It's not the same as fresh. Today's Vitamix blend…

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Experience Reports

Buy the Cup Hawaiian Kona

coffee mug in grass

It seems that half a pound of coffee beans is just the right amount for our household. Bhavana's on a special elimination diet for the next few weeks, so I've drunk her share. She's not allowed any caffeine, rice, grains, corn, soy, or dairy or sugar. She's eating mostly green vegetables and fruit. This week I'm drinking Hawaii Kona from Buy the Cup. It's a lot more expensive, $35/pound, but it's good to splurge every once in a while. Roaster:…

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