6 thoughts on “Set WordPress Image Caption with Jeffrey Friedl's Metadata Wrangler Export Filter

  1. Interesting, and very useful, though I don't use Lightroom.
    As a Linux user, I use XnView MP to manage my photos and Darktable for raw editing.
    I chose XnView MP years ago, specifically because of the control it gave me over metadata. I can mass change captions, etc., for a set of jpgs. I can also preset simple edits and captions when I need a quick fix for blog posts.
    Darktable allows metadata preset when loading a group of raw images, and creates the xmp file which carries the metadata into the final jpg. From there it's a matter of darg and drop to WP and everything is there.
    Gutenberg, which I really like, also makes caption editing much more efficient.

    The challenge which I haven't fully resolved yet, is captioning photos when I edit in Snapseed and upload directly from a mobile device.

    • Hi Jerry,

      It's been a while since I looked at DarkTable. I stuck with Lightroom because of the camera + lens support and a large number of time-saving export plugins. I have a family and a job and limited time for my photography hobby. Anything that speeds up the workflow adds value. Take a look at the rest of Jeffrey's plugins.

      NOTE: I did the whole Linux desktop thing in the early 2000's. I was actually a member of the Linux User Group in Princeton and developed web apps on Linux for decades (built my first Linux server in 1994). Circa 2007, I realized that I could have a hardware and software supported desktop OS and all the goodness of UNIX/Linux by buying a Mac. Not a hater. Just a pragmatist. I still use Linux for all my websites.

      • Hi Khurt
        I did have a few issues with DarkTable last year when I acquired a Lumix TZ100, but that appears to have been resolved. Of late much of my photography is headed for the blog, and I find Snapseed a better means of finishing that resolution of photo. I'm still doing the 9 to 5 as an IT Manager / Head of IT, though the family have grown up, but I am very pressured time-wise. As you say, anything that speeds up workflow... .

        Totally agree about the Mac. A few traumas in the last few years have left a budget choice of do a bit of travel, or invest in hardware. Travel won! It is a work in progress though.

        I'm very interested in some of your articles on the Indie-web. I do need to do some research I think.

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