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Isolation Photo Project : Day 144

Things were broken, and now they are not. This week WordPress 5.5 "Eckstine" was released. I upgraded my website, and things immediately went sideways. But the problems started earlier, on 6 August, after I upgraded to JetPack version 8.8.1. I didn't suspect JetPack 8.8.1 as the cause at the time, but my website was slower, and unknown to me, the upgrade broke the connection between VaultPress and my site was broken. JetPack is required to use VaultPress properly. Still in…

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Web Application Firewall Summary

The Firewall Summary shows the number of attacks on this website that the web application firewall recently blocked. The summary includes three types of attacks: Complex Attacks, Brute Force Attacks and Blacklist blocks. A complex attack is when a visitor requests the website that is specifically crafted to exploit the site or find a vulnerability they can later exploit. Firewall rules block these types of attacks. Brute force attacks are username/password-guessing attempts. These attacks intend to log in to the…

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Removing IndieWeb WordPress Plugins

I am reevaluating my use of certain IndieWeb technologies. In 2018 I added a set of plugins to my website and started using a microformats 2 theme, SemPress to mark up my website so that content could be interpreted by other sites. SemPress is the only theme in the WordPress repository that is fully microformats2 compliant and can fully use all the features and extension of the IndieWeb plugins. Webmentions and Semantic Linkbacks My favourites of all the plugins is…

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