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Blocks and IndieWeb

https://www.customerservant.com/read-a-new-era-for-the-genesis-framework-recapping-the-biggest-changes-and-how-to-work-with-them-by-cdils-and-added-some-indieweb-thoughts-approaching-heresy-spoiler-alert-were-gonna-have/ by Amanda RushAmanda Rush (customerservant.com)

While reading this post by Carrie, I began to think that those of us in the Indieweb community may quickly need to embrace blocks.

The challenge as I see it, and the reason I don't use them, is that retail themes do not support microformat 2. Without microformat 2 support and semantic markup, the IndieWeb tools and technologies such as Webmention are pointless. Until the microformat 2 issue is resolved, I don't see any point in doing the work…

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