<span class='p-name'>It DOES take long to create.</span>

It DOES take long to create.

Introducing a Semantic Web Server by Donald McIntosh (Donald McIntosh)

So how much effort is it to create metadata for new blog? Here is an example.

resource:introducing-a-semantic-web-server a resource:blog ;
           dc:creator resource:donaldmcintosh ;
           dc:created "2016-04-13T11:07:00"^^xsd:dateTime ;
           dc:title "Introducing a semantic web Server" ;
           triki:include content:introducing-a-semantic-web-server.md ;
           triki:restricted triki:public .

It does not take long to create.

This solution, in my opinion, is only quick and easy for the 2% of users with the technical expertise to understand it. Facebook, Twitter, et al. have nothing to fear.