IndieWebCamp NYC

IndieWebCamp NYC on 09/28-29 by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (BoffoSocko)
Want to see what the bleeding edge of the web and the future of social media looks like? Join an inclusive and welcoming group of creators at IndieWebCamp NYC on 9/28-29 either in person or live streaming.
Chris, I wanted to attend in persom but I've got a night photography course the night before. Late night + early morning (for the train) don't work for me. I am glad that live streaming was added.

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Hi @manton, One of my frustrations with is the lack of post summary cards. Most of my posts contain my photography none of which can be found on All the posts from my self-hosted WordPress website appear as title + link. It would be great if could pull in the featured image… and IndieWeb

Wrapping My Head Around and IndieWeb by Jason Sadler (
You can pay $5 a month to get them to host your microblog, but by adopting some web standards like RSS and webmentions, you can host your microblog on your own site. If you’re on WordPress you can publish to your site using the Microblog iOS and Mac apps. Replies are a bit of a bugbear, though: they’re handled entirely within if initiated using the app’s Reply functionality, or threaded in properly if you post from your own site with the proper webmention URL.
As a security architect I often have to create policies, procedures, and guidelines. It can be a challenge to get everything right. Based on what is written in the community guidelines, from my perspective the hosted blogs are not really independent. E.g. Blog content hosted by will be subject to the community guidelines…