Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Sandy Hook, New Jersey

I drove down to Sandy Hook from Skillman with my family yesterday. Bhavana is helping me create a series on the lighthouses of New Jersey and the Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the nearest one to Skillman. The drive is just over 1 hour.

I guess I didn't do my research because the lighthouse isn't near the water and is on an old army base surround by dilapidated buildings and people visiting the beach. I had expected something more like Old Barney at Barnegat Light.

I had just a few minutes to capture some images before the building was surrounded by people. I tried different angles but either I had the parking lot with cars in the frame or I had beach goers walking by on the road.

Perhaps I'll go back and try isolating the lighthouse itself from the house. Or maybe a shot from inside the light house tower would be more interesting.

This is a three exposure HDR: +2/0/-2. The images were combined in Photomatix Pro and tweaked in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I wanted a darker blue in the sky so I used the gradient filter in the top quarter of the image.

I was rushing this morning so I did not have time to export the image from my iMac's catalogs. I synced it over to Lightroom mobile and exported the compressed JPEG.

Few structures have the universal appeal and fascination of lighthouses. They are superbly romantic constructions: beacons of hope on a wild night, symbols of human ingenuity and perseverance in the face of the unforgiving seas.Peter Cox

Author: Khürt Williams

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