Just enough to be dangerous

Ken Lockwood Gorge

Expert Enough is about getting good at things. It’s about wanting to learn more, do more and be more. It’s about unlocking the potential inside, and reaping the enormous benefits waiting for those who actually follow through.

But becoming good at things is becoming a lost art.

Most of us could use more doing and less consuming. To acquire new skills, live an interesting life and do adventurous things, you have to get good at putting in the effort it takes to actually do those things.

Here you’ll find tips, how-to’s, interviews, case studies and more on all kinds of topics from psychology to technology, from food to fitness, from inspiration to perspiration. All aimed at helping you learn more, do more, and be more.Expert Enough

Time to stop procrastinating and start deliberately start practicing the skills I need to remain viable, relevant and expert enough. I've started on two journey's simultaneously. Perhaps I will burn out trying and fail miserably. I am enrolled in the Arcanum, working my way towards completing Sphere 1 of my photographic journey. I am also enrolled in a course designed me to teach me professional penetration testing skills and to become a Offensive Security Certified Professional. Both requires lots of deliberate practice.