Last night I went out with a Loren Fisher and a group of photographers from the Somerset County Meetup. It's a helpful friendly group of photographer always willing to share tips and help amateurs like myself. Our goal was to shoot the night sky. We had a clear sky but quite a bit of light pollution. The sky as dark as we could expect it to be in a suburb of New Jersey. A few of us had successfully shot night skies before but the majority of us were doing it for the first. Some of us -- including me -- had problems getting our lenses focused to infinity. As you can see from my result below, I didn't quite get it.

While others focused on shooting the milky way, I focused on doing star trails.

The previous week I did some research and settled on one technique. I read articles from Popular Photography and Patapixel and then used my TriggerTrap mobile app and mobile dongle to do the work.

The results stink. I consider this a fail.