Are we Solving the Wrong Problems?

When I first learned C programming the idea that I had to manage my applications use of memory gave me an intense dislike of the language. To this day I refuse to write anything in C., Of course, I use other “C syntax” languages such as Perl and PHP which in the end are written in that language so I am just a guilty as any C programmer to contributing to the spread of software riddled with security faults.

Which is why I read the writings of security professionals such as Christofer Hoff. I have been reading the “Rational Security” blog only for a short time but in that time I have come to respect this writer thinking. I have often asked myself similar questions about information security.

Slash Your Career

I have thinking about titles a lot recently after reading Guy Kawasaki's LinkedIn Profile Extreme Makeover. I am not a student of marketing, I have never take any formal training but I feel that I do a lot of "selling" for my IT projects especially now in times of severy limiting IT budgets. After reading Guy's posting I decided to make over my LinkedIn profile and I started thinking about what sort of title to put in my profile. I decided that the one my employer gave me failed to convey the value of experiences, expertise and aspirations.

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive Tip of the Week: Slash Your Career «Creating a slash career allows you to personalize your work to your skills and interests, explore different facets of your personality with lowered risk to your wallet, and take advantage of today’s increasingly flexible and fluid workplace.

So here's my slash title: Information Security Professional/Web Developer/Blogger. Does it fit?