Why Your Security Policies Could Be Failing Your Business (Security Intelligence)
For security policies to be followed, they must be known and enforced wherever possible and reasonable. If your users can’t follow your policies due to business process conflicts, or you can’t enforce the rules due to a lack of technology or another shortcoming you’re unwilling to mitigate, then you’re probably better off not having them at all.
How to start an LLC by Daniel Brinneman (Daniel Brinneman)
Nicely designed website, helpful information, and calculators. Down-to-earth, easy to understand explanations and story examples.

Interesting. For me starting an LLC was simple. I’ve done it twice. Once in 1999 and again in 2013. Steps 1 through 5 can be done completely online or with a local accountant.

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The Big Problem With Change Programmes (Paul Taylor)
Arguably, our obsession with business change is as much a symptom of modern narcissism as is the fact we take 1 million selfies each day.

Your change vision, like that perfectly framed Instagram pose, is bullshit – and everybody knows it.


Far from pursuing some unrealistic dream, perhaps we’d be much happier if we learned to live with our imperfections, neuroses and human frailties.

Photo by Sean DuBois on Unsplash