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Untappd PESOS content formatting

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I made some changes to content formatting for the Zapier workflow that pulls in my Untappd check-ins/reviews to my website. My original format attempted to duplicate some of the ways that Untappd displays information on a check-in. I wasn't satisfied with the way the content was organized and formatted, but at the time didn't have any good ideas on what to do. But after thinking about it this week, I have decided that the information should be displayed more like…

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IndieWeb on WordPress

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I have had a web presence since about 2001. Initially, I set up a blog using Radio Userland but quickly abandoned that when Google launched Blogger. I then jumped to Tumblr then back to Blogger. But it wasn’t until 2005 that I finally registered a domain,, and started hosting my online presence, my “house”, on WordPress. The reasons were many but mainly I wanted to control all the various aspects of my “house”. I wanted to choose where it…

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