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The Christiana Riot

On 11 September 1851 in Christiana, Pennsylvania, a group of African Americans and white Quaker abolitionists of the Black Self-Protection Society clash with a Maryland posse of slave owners and U.S. marshals intent on capturing four fugitives enslaved African Americans hidden in the town.…

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How to make a diabetic mojito

[exif id="9263"] I was sitting on the deck checking out the Facebook page for The Ministry of Rum when I noticed that the mint I planted two years ago had come in. The mint is a variety I ordered from Florida. The grower claimed it's the same one used in Cuba to make mojitos. I don't know if that's true but I like to believe that it is. A quick search on Google and I had a recipe I could…

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Happy Cinco de Mayo We went to see the Avengers today in the morning. The action was intense and the dialog witty. Make sure to stay until after the second set of credits for a surprise. After the movie we went to Five Guys for lunch. We were starving and I ate too much. When leaving the restaurant I was approached by an attractive young woman who offered me some dulce de leche and told me about the specials the…

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