Using FreshRSS to “Like” blog posts via Webmention by

Although it took some fiddling to make all this happens, now that the fiddling is fiddled, it just works: I click the star in FreshRSS and the favourite appears on this list, in this RSS feed, and, should the blog I favourited the link from support Webmentions, as a “like” on the original post.

Peter, this is excellent work. I love how these IndieWeb technologies can enhance a website. Out of curiosity, I’ll take a look at FreshRSS but I doubt that many RSS readers support it. Maybe someday, things like this will be trivial for the non-technologist (aka people who don’t do their own oil changes).

Untangling the IndieWeb by David Yates

The big IndieWeb idea is to have your website host original versions of your articles, Twitter-type microposts, replies to other people, liked and reposted things, bookmarks, events and so on. If you need to post to other sites, that should be done automatically through webmentions and APIs. Your website should also host its own webmention endpoint (which I’m not doing for expediency) and reader, which you use to subscribe to notifications from said webmention endpoint and to the websites of other people you know, like or admire. Private webmentions can be used for some of this stuff too, or maybe all of it. In the end, you have a combination of Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader, without the algorithms or data mining. But the only people you interact with are other programmers who’ve also managed to implement all this stuff.

It’s interesting how most people dipping their toe into the IndieWeb soon come to the conclusion in that last sentence. I did. I’ve slowed down the IndieWebification of this website as I wait for some of the technology to stabilise.