NetNewsWire, the app that in 2006, was the only RSS reader on my Mac is back. Back then, for me, NetNewsWire was always installed on every Mac I configured. I’ve used the betas and alphas for many months, and although I will continue to use Reeder for the future, I am excited and hopeful for the iOS version. NetNewsWire syncs articles from my favourite blogs, keeping track of what I’ve via synchronisation with my feed reader service, Feedbin. This version of NetNewsWire is open source. You can download the app right now.

Here’s a shortlist of features.

  • Safari extension for easy feed-adding
  • Syncing via Feedbin
  • Sharing to Mail, MarsEdit,, and so on
  • Dark Mode
  • Folders
  • Importing and exporting OPML feed lists
  • Multiple accounts

A few people requested that I remove beer check-ins from my man RSS. I supposed they are not fans of craft ales. Or perhaps they don’t drink alcohol and watching me kill brain cells turns them off. I don’t know. I was too baffled by the request to ask the “why”.

But I thought it over and decided that I would not be removing any content, beer or other, from my main RSS feed. Some of my readers are craft ale enthusiasts and enjoy seeing what I am drinking. For example, Brandon Kraft who sometimes live blogs when he attends beer festivals. He also wrote some WordPress plugin code to import his Untappd beer check-ins to his blog. The plugin is in early development but I have been testing it out for a few months. His beer-slurper a lot less prone to breakage than my current method but still needs work on the aesthetics. Brandon discovered my blog because he saw one of my beer check-ins. Removing beer check-ins means removing from the RSS feed of anyone who’s already enjoying my feed this way.

But, the real problem I have with removing the beer check-ins is that the feed would not be representative of the whole me. The website is all of me, beer and all.

So beer check-ins are staying but I’m providing a choice. The default RSS feed will have all content, including beer and Foursquare check-ins. I have created customized feeds one of which includes everything I post except for beer and Foursquare check-ins. If you want a specific category I have provided feed links for that as well. All RSS feed links can be found in the footer of the website. I am still looking for a way for new readers to select from a list of RSS feeds when they enter the website URL into a feed reader.

Customised RSS Feeds

Why the Web is broken by an author (Donald Mcintosh)

With so much to amuse us and enrich our lives on the web, it can seem at least misguided to suggest it is flawed. And yet, it is fundamentally flawed in many ways. Our entrapment by global platform providers is growing. We are losing our content, losing control of our online-selves and the sticky power of these platforms is increasingly difficult to resist.