It took longer than I expected, but I have a self-hosted installation of FreshRSS which I can access via Reeder on macOS, iPad, iOS and the web. This install has been on my to-do for a while. If FreshRSS performs well on my server, I may cancel my Feedbin subscription.

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NetNewsWire is Back!

NetNewsWire, the app that in 2006, was the only RSS reader on my Mac is back. Back then, for me, NetNewsWire was always installed on every Mac I configured. I’ve used the betas and alphas for many months, and although I will continue to use Reeder for the future, I am excited and hopeful for…

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Why the Web is broken

Why the Web is broken by an author (Donald Mcintosh)

With so much to amuse us and enrich our lives on the web, it can seem at least misguided to suggest it is flawed. And yet, it is fundamentally flawed in many ways. Our entrapment by global platform providers is growing. We are losing our content, losing control of our online-selves and the sticky power of these platforms is increasingly difficult to resist.

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