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FotodioX M42-FX


Aunt Chubby’s Luncheonette

I had every intention of getting up early this morning, driving to Hopewell for breakfast at Aunty Chubby’s. Afterwards, I planned on either walking around town or the Aunt Molly Trail with my camera. However, I was up late last night binge-watching episodes of Messiah. I had that series on my watchlist but hadn’t watched it until it started trending on Netflix. I woke up tired and didn’t have the motivation to get dressed. Instead, I made my breakfast and…

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Experience Reports

Soligor Wide-Auto 35mm F2.8 M42

I have often read that the 35mm (full-frame equivalent) is the perfect all-around focal length. On a 35mm camera, this focal length is wide enough for a scene to fill a frame, but long enough to isolate an individual subject. I had often also read that a 50mm prime lens, the ‘nifty fifty,’ is the most useful and complete all-round lens. Before the advent of zooms, most film cameras were fitted with 50mm lenses. It has been written that Henri…

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