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Aunty Chubby's

I had every intention of getting up early this morning, driving to Hopewell for breakfast at Aunty Chubby’s, then afterwards either walking around town or on the Aunt Molly Trail of the with my camera. However, I was up late last night binge-watching episodes of Messiah, a show that I had in my watchlist but hadn’t watched until it started trending on Netflix, and woke up tired and didn’t have the motivation to get dressed. Instead, I made my breakfast…

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Aunt Chubby's Oat Milk Latte

Aunt Chubby’s Iced Oat Milk Latte at Aunt Chubby’s After the farmers' market, I drove over to Aunt Chubby’s to try the iced oat milk latte. I had received a direct message from @barleyhopsbourbon. Unfortunately, the bridge closure at Cherry Valley & Cherry Hill Road in Skillman and the bridge closure at Aunt Molly Road in Hopewell adds fifteen minutes to a what is typically a fifteen-minute drive. I would be at Aunt Chubby's more often if I did not…

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Lunch at Aunt Chubby's with Bhavna and Kiran

Aunt Chubby’s Went here for breakfast on a Saturday morning shortly after reading about Aunt Chubby's in MercerMe. I enjoyed my first visit so much that I took my family back several times even after road construction on CR 518 cut Hopewell Township off from Montgomery Township where I live. The staff and management were friendly and willing to give me an abbreviate history of Aunt Chubby's. I was introduced to several local business owners, all of whom had a…

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