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Madonna by Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

Jammin”. Oh yeah. Alright.

The problems with my left eye (blurred vision) are self-evident when using manual focus lenses. My images appear out of focus.

Lunch with Conehead by Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

Several years ago on a trip to Vermont, before we knew hazy IPAs, Bhavna and I discovered Conehead. It was an unplanned and pleasant find. We had stocked up on Heady Topper, although we found it underwhelming compared to the hype. We had not yet discovered Sip-o-Sunshine.

Today's lunch is a Griggstown Farm turkey burger which is embedded with caramelised onions.

Sky Meadow Retreat

After lunch, it was time to take the long drive to the retreat. The drive was pleasant we saw a lot of the Vermont countryside, quite different from the city of Burlington. I wish I had time to stop for photography, but we had a schedule to keep.

It was a quick stop as we had to turn around and head home. I was also anxious to leave as quickly as possible because Greensboro is so remote that obtaining a strong cellular signal for the GPS was challenging the whole drive. I wanted to go before it got dark. After signing some paperwork, we said hugged our daughter and headed back.