Lunch with Conehead by Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

Several years ago on a trip to Vermont, before we knew hazy IPAs, Bhavna and I discovered Conehead. It was an unplanned and pleasant find. We had stocked up on Heady Topper, although we found it underwhelming compared to the hype. We had not yet discovered Sip-o-Sunshine.

Today's lunch is a Griggstown Farm turkey burger which is embedded with caramelised onions.

Zero Gravity Brewing

Name: Zero Gravity Brewing
Location: Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont
Recommended Beer: Conehead (IPA)

The Church Street Marketplace is near several other Vermont micro-breweries, but we had time to visit only one that night. After dinner, we drove a few blocks away to Zero Gravity Craft Brewery on Pine Street. I don't remember where I read it. Still, I wanted to visit Zero Gravity because I read an online article about how they made beer in a more traditional method that brewers used before hops became popular. Apparently, before the use of hops for preservation and flavouring and the imposition of German beer purity laws, beer was "seasoned" with various herbs. I was excited to try the Zero Gravity Summer Gruit. Zero Gravity uses organic Sweet Gale, Yarrow, Stinging Nettles, Mugwort from Hallow Herb Farm, and Labrador Tea. The gruit was slightly sweet but quite enjoyable. The experience expanded my knowledge of craft ale brewing methods.

Zero Gravity Brewing | 16 July, 2016 | Apple iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 back camera 4.15mm f/2.2

Bhavana and I also sampled Conehead, C.S.A IPA, Bernie Weisse, Cote de Champlain and Little Wolf. I loved Cone Head. Bhavana, and it's better than Heady Topper. Zero Gravity may be underrated. We had fun chatting with a couple visiting from Massachusetts who were originally from Hamilton, New Jersey. Talk about a small world. We bought a four-pack of Cone Head and a 750ml bottle of Cote de Champlain to take back with us to New Jersey.