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Adox SCALA 160

sliding door, plant, room

NOTE: I’ll begin this experience report with a brief disclaimer. It’s been less than three years since I returned to shooting 35mm film after switching to digital photography over 20 years ago. I’ve inundated myself with as much film education as possible between web articles and advice from experienced film shooters. But, since my prior experience with film is decades old, this review is from a rather novice point of view. In January, I put a 24-exposure roll of ADOX…

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Chasing Dragons

Dragonfly, Van Horne Park, Montgomery Township

Tuesday During the pandemic, Bhavna and I talked about how when it was safe to do so, we would take some road trips to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, perhaps with a stop in Boston to visit some of our college days favourites. I wanted to satisfy my urge to photograph lighthouses, and Bhavna wanted to experience the romance of the New England coastal towns. Now that most of the North East are vaccinated, it seemed like the right time. It's…

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It’s a wonderful world

woman and child

Monday Insta Repeat posts collages of photos from the same geographical location that look remarkably similar, even though they were taken by different photographers. ... The intent on Insta Repeat is deliberate—to duplicate a photo in order to evoke a similar response from viewers. Feet dangling over Horseshoe Bend evoke a sense of adventure and thrill-seeking. The woman paddling in a mountain lake evokes wonder and serenity. So, if you want to conjure those emotions in your audience (while also…

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