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Oktoberfest at Flounder Brewing

On 1st October, Bhavna, Shaan, and I celebrated New Jersey-style Oktoberfest with our friends at Flounder Brewing. Head brewer Doug Duschl Jr and founder Jeremy "Flounder" Lees are keen on building a local community around their brewery. The brewery was packed with people. The entire Flounder Brewing taproom crew were happily at work pouring ale. We are about keeping it simple. It’s about hanging out with good friends, awesome family and even the cool neighbors that you don’t really know.…

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March Brewer's Hour at Flounder Brewing

Each month, Flounder host a brewer's hours with head brewer Doug Duschl Jr. Doug Duschl Jr is unconventional and entertainning. The event is an opportunity to try new ales before they are released to the public, learn about Doug's approach to brewing, and drink before 11 AM. Notes of orange zest. Slightly dank. Hop bitterness adds a nice bite. Mild malt sweetness.…

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Saturday 18 September 2021 A few weeks ago, after several months of study and hours of practise tests, I was scheduled to sit the Cloud Certified Security Professional (CCSP) on 28 August. To build my career and prove my skills, I wanted to earn a globally recognised cloud security certification. But the testing centre had some issues with the roof, the testing centre cancelled the test last minute, and I had to reschedule for 18 September. I was disappointed but…

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