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Family Room | January 2021 | Pentax P3n | SMC Pentax-A 50mm f/2 | Adox SCALA 160 Black and White Slide Film

Five frames of Adox SCALA 160 Black and White 35mm Slide Film

In January, I put a 24 exposure roll of ADOX SCALA 160 Black and White Slide film in my Pentax P3n and took it on a trip to the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Brigantine. I had purchased the ADOX SCALA last year when I started putting more effort into re-learning 35mm film photography. I…

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Kodak Color Plus 200 | Tuesday 2 June, 2020 | Day 72 | Asahi Pentax ES II | Asahi Optical Co. Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 28mm f/3.5

Isolation Photo Project, Day 80: Pentax ES II and a damaged roll of Kodak Color Plus 200

I shot a 36 exposure roll of Kodak Color Plus 200 at the end of May which was developed and scanned by The Darkroom on 2 June 2020. The scanned images have defects which are my fault. Why? After shooting the film roll, I stuffed it into my pants pocket and forgot about it. That…

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Friday 8 May, 2020 | Day 47 | Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II | Asahi Optical Co. SMC Takumar 55mm f/2 | FPP RetroChrome 400 Color Reversal Film

Isolation Photo Project, Day 66: FPP RetroChrome 400 | Pentax Spotmatic II | SMC Takumar 55mm f/2

A few weeks ago, I shot 35 frames of Film Photography Project RetroChrome 400 35mm Colour Reversal Film with my Asahi Optical Co. Pentax Spotmatic II and SMC Takumar 55mm f/2 lens. I was anxious to see how the film performed and impatiently captured all the frames on a single day. The description from the…

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