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El Cuatro by Ale Apothecary

EL CUATRO is made of barley and caramel malts co-mingling with lactobacillus and brettanomyces. After brewing and conditioning, the beer is transferred into brandy barrels to age for up to a year during an extended Brettanomyces Lambicus fermentation. Prior to bottling, the beer is blended with a small portion of year-old SAHALIE. The only hops added to this beer arrive from the aged SAHALIE. ?The brandy barrels and wild yeast fermentation give EL CUATRO a plum & cherry fruitiness balanced…

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Alex at Troon Brewing recently released a Kölsch which he calls Disclaimer. More precisely a Keller Kölsch with wheat. I always thought that Kölsch was a lager but I was corrected. In fact, this Kölsch, per the name, comes with a disclaimer. Pursuant to our client's request for full transparency and accountability, and in the interest of minimizing any potential ire among the recipients of the above-listed goods, may the record reflect that Troon Brewing (in representation of all individual…

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