Alex at Troon Brewing recently released a Kölsch which he calls Disclaimer. More precisely a Keller Kölsch with wheat. I always thought that Kölsch was a lager but I was corrected.

In fact, this Kölsch, per the name, comes with a disclaimer.

Pursuant to our client's request for full transparency and accountability, and in the interest of minimizing any potential ire among the recipients of the above-listed goods, may the record reflect that Troon Brewing (in representation of all individual entities, parties, and sovereign citizens operating under binding contract or under the auspices of Troon Brewing Global Enterprises and Affiliated Tax-Shelters Worldwide LLC), has issued the following disclaimer which will be in effect and legally binding immediately upon release:
This malt beverage, composed solely of Pilsner and Wheat and fermented with an ale yeast at near-lager temperatures, is offered without any additions of "dry hops," which are, as the record should state, hop flowers added after the aforementioned fermentation process has ceased, and with a de minimis alcohol content. Enjoyment of said beverage should not be tempered by these conditions.
-Naron & Son, LLP
Troon Brewing

I think I need a disclaimer too. As Suze's wrote on her blog.

DISCLAIMER: I just want it to go on the record that I will take the devil’s advocate position on EVERYTHING just to annoy and or educate people. NO ONE has a clue whether I am a democrat, republican, independent or nothing at all; nor will they be able to tell with any confidence that I am Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindi or a worshipper of Ba’al! I like intelligent, non-confrontational (occasional confrontation is actually good for the heart ya know) discussions on politics, religion, sexual orientation, education, but never sports (sorry I just can’t go somewhere where I am clueless!) I am an equal opportunity basher of anything that is socially unacceptable to talk about. put that in your pipes and smoke it! And if you are somehow offended? good, maybe it will make you think.Suze

Yes. What Suze said.