Week 36 – Intensive Yellow

Week 36   Intensive Yellow 20120908 NIKON D40 0626 2

On Saturday — before the storm broke — we had a bit of family hiking fun. Bhavna had registered for use to go on a geocaching hike in the Sourland Mountain Reserve as part of a fundraising event planned by the Sourland Planning Council.

We arrived early and were briefed for 30 minutes on the basics of geocaching by Eric Lemon. Eric and his sons are avid geocaches who go by the moniker “Twisted Lemons” on Geocaching.com.

Once we were acquainted with the terminology (apparently we are muggles) and had entered the cache coordinates into our iPhones — I used MotionX GPS and Bhavana used the free Geocaching app — we set off into the Sourland. The trail was easy enough and about 20 minutes into it we — there were about a dozen adults and kids — found the cache.

Bhavna was disappointed. She had expected we would be out hiking for a bit. Eric told a few of us more enthusiastic hikers about several other caches and we were determined to find one more. We followed the gas pipeline up the hill before “bushwhacking” our way through a tall thicket of yellow flowers, grass and burr weed. The kids complained about being hot and hungry but we persisted. Kiran found the second cache after about an hour. We were triumphant but exhausted, sticky and hungry so we headed back down the hill to the base of the event where we dined on delicious pizza from the Nomad Pizza truck.

  • Camera: Nikon D40
  • Lens: Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
  • Software: Adobe Lightroom 4, Topaz Clean
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