Drinking a Thank You, Russell! by Troon Brewing

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Beer: Thank You, Russell!
Style: Rye IPA
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.8%
IBU: 0
My rating: 4.75/5
Venue: Rocky Hill, NJ, Rocky Hill, NJ
Brewery: Troon Brewing, Hopewell, NJ, United States
Brewer’s notes: 7.8%- Many of you know Russell as the sexy dude with a bowtie calmly navigating the dining room and bar at Brick Farm Tavern, implacable and unflappable even under the busiest conditions. He’s become a very close friend of ours over the last year so it is with great remorse that we have to wish him farewell at the beginning of February as he embarks on his next journey. In anticipation of that, we gave him free rein over this recipe and he decided he wanted a rye-heavy IPA. We are so happy with his decision! He then selected his favorite hops and given how singular this occasion is we decided to make it even more special by adding them in the largest quantities that we’ve done to date, 8.5#/ bbl. Woah! Once you taste it I think you’ll be thanking Russell too 🙂

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