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Where is the VSCOcam iOS Extension?

That question had been floating around my mind for weeks. I searched for an answer found this four-month-old blog post. I have a lot of camera apps on my phone, yet not one of them has an extension. The little three dot icon for extensions does not even show up in my photos app. So it’s great that Apple added this ability, but it seems that developers do not want to take advantage of that. It’s a bummer for the…

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How I Edit & Publish to Pressgram Workflow

I've never had a set workflow for my iPhone photography. I've may photography related apps -- cameras, filters, editors, etc -- that I use without thinking much about efficiency or workflow. Often times I can't remember how I created a particular image. Inspired by a [recent blog post] by Jorge Quinteros I decided to develop one for my new favorite photography app Pressgram. I use one of several apps for capturing my images but I use the native Camera app,…

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