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A photography back up strategy to avoid saying “I lost my photos!”

View of lower Manhattan from J. Owen Grundy Park in Jersey City

I’ve known family members and even experienced photographers who have lost the photos on the memory card even before offloading them to a computer, and also those who have lost their photos from computer storage. Take a moment to think the time invested and the many beautiful memories you could potentially lose if your current photo catalogue were just gone. I feel my anxiety rising, just thinking about it. Ugh! Stuff happens, and if you do not have a coherent…

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Backup strategy for MacBook Air for college student

Kiran has a MacBook Air which we just purchased as both high-school graduation (2019) and birthday gift (November). We did the same for her sibling in 2017. When she starts college next year I want her to be somewhat self-sufficient when it comes to tech support. I was thinking through the options for backing up her MacBook Air, and I realised that a Time Capsule would not be a viable solution. Based on our visit to the college tour, we…

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