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DNS has, unfortunately, always had some inherent weaknesses because it’s transported in plain text. DNSSEC has never attempted to address that (crazy, I know). Encrypting all DNS traffic means a fundamental change to the security of the system on the whole and a strong improvement.It doesn’t work at all on my Mac connected via my…

Backblaze: Time Machine for the Cloud

[caption id="attachment_1528" align="alignright" width="160" caption="BackBlaze"] [/caption] Last year my friend had to deliver some distressing news to his wife. The external hard drive on which he had been storing their family photos failed. The problem had started a few weeks earlier when his wife mentioned that the hard drive was making some strange noises. My…

All the other MacWorld predictions are wrong.

Everyone has predictions for MacWorld 2008. The pundits are making more predictions about possible or probable Apple product announcements than actual Apple product announcement in 2007 and 2008 combined. So let me enter the fray. Here are my predictions (completely based on other predictions I have read).