Kingston DataTraveler Vault And OS X Yosemite

Hello Khurt,

Yes, unfortunately Apple made some changes in their new release of Yosemite that disabled the function of this drive. Please update your drive by clicking on the following link.


Important Please Read!

1. The updater will format the device during the update process and all data will be lost.

2. Please back up your data! to either a Mac based system which is running an earlier version of Mac OS (Pre-Yosemite) or you may back up your data to the Windows system where you will be applying the update to your device.

3. The updater currently works on Windows based systems only. You must also have administrative rights. Compatible Windows operating systems are: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 all service packs. You can then continue to use in you Mac.

4. Only one device may be updated at a time on your Windows based system.

5. The Updater installation instruction are included in the download. Please read before updating.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this e-mail with full email history. Thank you for using Kingston on-line technical support.


Glenn Neumeister
Kingston Technology
Technical Support
8am to 5pm Monday – Friday PST

No Swarming

The theme for Wednesday’s Photo 101: A Photo a Day is “swarm“.

Right now in the Princeton, NJ area it’s the start of winter. The last few days the temperatures have been below freezing. Princeton and the neighboring towns are small and mostly rural. Even during the summer there are few people milling around unless there is a festival. When the temperature drops this low very few want to be outside. Brr!

The animals are either hibernating or have migrated south to warmer weather. I saw no birds in the sky yesterday and nearby Carnegie Lake has started to freeze over. The insects and small animals are doing whatever insects and small animals do in this cold weather. They are staying out of sight.

I browsed through my catalog of images looking for something that fit the definition of swarm but came up empty-handed.

So today’s image does not exist. Enjoy nothing.