No Swarming

The theme for Wednesday’s Photo 101: A Photo a Day is “swarm“.

Right now in the Princeton, NJ area it’s the start of winter. The last few days the temperatures have been below freezing. Princeton and the neighboring towns are small and mostly rural. Even during the summer there are few people milling around unless there is a festival. When the temperature drops this low very few want to be outside. Brr!

The animals are either hibernating or have migrated south to warmer weather. I saw no birds in the sky yesterday and nearby Carnegie Lake has started to freeze over. The insects and small animals are doing whatever insects and small animals do in this cold weather. They are staying out of sight.

I browsed through my catalog of images looking for something that fit the definition of swarm but came up empty-handed.

So today’s image does not exist. Enjoy nothing.

Moments of Light

NIKON D5100_20140701_0637-EditImage by :Khürt L. Williams. NIKON D5100 (35mm, f/16, 3 sec, ISO100)

Tuesday’s Photography 101 theme is “Moment”.

Think about the fleeting moments you experience each day — from a quiet, precious moment with your child to a busy commute through the subway, among strangers. What will you share with us?

My kids are 16 and 14. Precious moment kid photos don’t apply. The facilitator assumes we’re all moms with toddlers at our feet. I don’t commute on the subway. I’m starting to see a pattern. I think Cheri Lucas Rowlands lives in a crowded metropolitan city in a warm tropical climate. I don’t think she can understands that some of use may live in small towns where the air temperature has plunged below freezing and animals (and humans) aren’t spending much time outdoors.

In any case, another one from the archive. What can be more fleeting than the few seconds when fireworks ripped the air and illuminate the sky.