Silicon Valley’s Dystopian Dream

A divide is growing between the people who wholeheartedly embrace a radically new, radically self-centred vision of human life, and the people who do not. The internal lives of the tech elite, centred on the labour-saving innovations of Silicon Valley, are at odds with semi-atavistic conceptions of how people interact. Traditions and shared values are redundant, inefficient, and must be optimised out of existence. via The tech utopia nobody wants: why the world nerds are creating will be awful by JR Hennessy writing for the


Sometimes the steps required to do something become part of the experience; making tea or playing a record on your turntable instead of on your iPhone. The steps add to the satisfaction, make the event more of a personal experience than just doing. This can make a simple task personally therapeutic or cathartic — often allowing a simple task to remedy the stresses of the day.
via Doing things the hard way — The Northwind

My family often chides me — calling me a snob — for the way I obsess over how I make my coffee. I’ve never had a good way to explain the feeling I get from the four or five minutes I spend making coffee. Grinding the beans. Measuring and boiling the water in my kettle. Waiting for just the right temperature to pour the water and brew the coffee.

Yes, it takes more time than popping a pod into a machine. But the taste of the coffee is much better and I get to enjoy the few minutes of “in the moment” nothingness. It’s worth it.

Something missing as a possibility

The “glass-half-empty” folks lean toward the idea that something’s wrong, something’s not there, something’s missing-as in problematic. The “half-full” folks are attending to what’s actually in the glass-as in what could be brought to the party-as in “missing as a possibility.”Angie Mattingly

Sometimes it’s hard to see the possibilities before me. There is so much baggage and angst that my mind is clouded and I miss opportunity. I could instead stand in the moment and let the possibilities appear. Sometimes what I think I need may not appear but something else, another path, appears. One has to be in the mind frame to see it.