Ethical bankruptcy is going to kill us

Right now, everyone who has the money and the connections to get out of Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone, has either done so, or is considering doing so. This is what happened during the outbreaks of the Plague in the Middle Ages. This is what happened during the Spanish Flu epidemic. People flee to places they think are safer.

What I’m trying to make clear is that these people are just like you. They don’t think they should hang around in a hot zone and get sick anymore than you would. And no, I am not advocating the grounding of all flights to the affected countries,  because it does impede people coming in to help and fight the pandemic.  And it’s blatantly unethical to strand people in a place we have allowed, by our stupidity, our selfishness, and, frankly, our racism, to go to shit.via Our ethical bankruptcy is going to kill us, not a virus. | The Order of Turbulence

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The One Everything Photo Challenge

Mark Garbowski has created a photo challenge with simple rules.

And so the ONE EVERYTHING Challenge Rules are:

ONE Camera
ONE Lens
ONE Hour to Shoot
ONE Hour to Edit.

I’ll be in New York this week at Photo Plus Expo but I’ll also join the PhotoPlus Expo PAC Central Park North Photowalk.

On the Quaker Road bridge near the Port Mercer Canal House

Last one for the Five Day Black and White Challenge which is using hashtag #fivedayblackandwhitechallenge on Google+.

After stopping to take a few shots near Princeton Battlefield Park, I stopped along the Delaware & Raritan Canal Park Trail near Port Mercer Canal House. I chose to capture with my iPhone 6 only.

I shot the image in black and white using the vividHDR app and then applied a Neutral Density preset in Color EFX Pro. Given that it was early morning the iPhone most likely shot this at ISO800 or higher, so I used Define for some noise reduction.


Image by :vividHDR Gray Art. Apple iPhone 6 (0mm, f/0, 0 sec, ISO0)