Netlifx and Apple

On Netflix Pulling Out of iTunes Billing for New Users by an author (Daring Fireball)

If Apple wants to insist on a cut of in-app purchased subscription revenue, that’s their prerogative. What gets me, though, are the rules that prevent apps that eschew in-app purchases from telling users in plain language how to actually pay. Not only is Netflix not allowed to link to their website, they can’t even tell the user they need to go to to sign up.

I agree with Gruber. This isn’t right.

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iTunes Preview

Last week, Apple removed the iOS App Store from iTunes. iTunes is now focused exclusively on music, movies, television, podcasts, and audiobooks. For me, it's a loss. Craig Grannell thinks Apple could have learned something from Google's approach. Google has always been more comfortable with the internet than Apple, and in this area Apple now…

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