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The Importance of Doing Nothing

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The Importance of Doing Nothing by Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries In today’s networked society we are at risk of becoming victims of information overload. Introspection and reflection have become lost arts as the temptation to ‘just finish this’ or ‘find out that’ is often too great to resist. But working harder is not necessarily working smarter. In fact slacking off and setting aside regular periods of ‘doing nothing’ may be the best thing we can do to induce…

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Reflection by jansenphoto ( Is it live, or mirrored? I was home most of this week. On Monday I worked from home; one of the benefits of the current client contract. At some point, I went out for a quick walk around the neighbourhood. It was raining and I remembered the challenge topic for this week was reflection. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling less than my full self. My thyroid was still swollen; enough so that…

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